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Thanks for stopping by. About Jamie DeVega...

Jamie DeVega

LOA Processor

Hi, my name is Jamie DeVega and I am the Loan Officer Assistant Processor for The Half-A-dime Mortgage Team. Born in the Philippines, I immigrated to the United States in 2006 and earned citizenship in 2016! I began my career in banking first before joining the mortgage industry in 2017.

As a Loan Officer Assistant Processor, I am here to assist you and your loan officer during the buying, selling, refinancing, or building process. I work diligently to ensure your file is in top-notch shape as we submit for approval and work with you to gather needed conditions. In that role, I have the needed experience to keep us all on track and working through the process from contract to close.

I live in the heart of West Reno with my family. I spend my time cooking for my loved ones and supporting my daughter in her extra-curricular activities including cheerleading and volleyball. On the weekends we could be found out and about on the town enjoying all that Reno has to offer.

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